Maui, Hawaii

This first destination will be Maui because I was recently there. It had been my fourth time out of the thirteenth times I have visited the state of Hawaii. Maui is the island with the most activities to do for tourist, all except shopping. For good shopping, visit Oahu.

Next will be a week’s worth of activities mapped out, starting at the top red dot on the island.

The top red dot marks the spot of Black Rock Beach. Black Rock Beach has a cliff about thirty to fourty feet high that is one of the best spots to go cliff jumping on the island. It’s about a quarter-mile swim from the shore to the cliff, despite what it sounds like, the swim is actually fairly easy. Following the swim is a easy task of climbing the rock and picking a destination to jump off of. Black Rock Beach is also an ideal snorkeling spot, with clear water, and many fish. The currents are not super strong, making it easy to swim out and not drift out.

The dot directly beneath it marks the location of the beach resort I last stayed at, Kaanapali Beach Club. It is a pink hotel, right off of the beach. Experience rating: 8/10, only because there are nicer pools at other locations.

Next off is Kahoma Ranch ATV Rides. Kahoma Ranch offers early morning, afternoons, and late afternoons atv rides, in both wet and dry season. The offer you bandanas to keep your breathing air clean and mask and helmets, for your safety. They even offer a waterslide ride for the late afternoon riders. During the wet season, it is muddy and slippery, in the dry season it is dusty and warm. I recommend wearing clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and may not even wear again. The views are amazing and the terrain is perfect for a genuine atv ride. Experience rating: 10/10.


The fourth red dot on the Kaanapali side of Maui is the location of the Maui Wave Riders. This shop offers surfboard rentals and lessons. The instructors are very friendly and help you learn very quickly. They help you catch great waves that you can ride all the way into the shore. They also have photographer who takes your pictures that you may later buy. Experience rating: 9.5/10, only because of the current that day.

The fifth red dot is the Old Lahaina Shopping Center. There you will find a cozy outlet for all your souvenir needs.

The sixth is the location of another great hotel, but on the other side of the island, known as the Wailea side. The Grand Wailea a resort that offers much fun and multiple activities, pools, and water slides. Experience rating: 10/10.

The dot a ways down is the location of Maui Thai Bistro, a great quality Thai Bistro. Experience rating: 7.8/10, because it is pretty pricey for the portions.

The next dot is near the middle of the map, in a National Park. It is the location of Haleakala Mountain, a place with an incredible view of the Maui sunrise. Incredible colors that are revealed can be sighted from the top of the mountain. I suggest bringing a jacket though, because although in Hawaii, it gets frigid while on an elevation like that.

Lastly, the last red dot, on the very right on the island, is in a place called Hana that consists of black sand beaches and the Seven Sacred Pools. It is a beautiful place, with various weathers. The black sand beaches are pure black and absolutely amazing. The last time I visited the Seven Sacred Pools it was raining so I did not get to go in the pools due to flooding but it was still absolutely amazing. WARNING: I suggest if you get car sick easy then you should take two Dramamine before driving up the road because there are 620 bends and curves on the road to Hana. Experience rating: 8/10, due to the drive.


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