Costa Rica, Central America

The next destination your plane ticket should have written on it is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a beautiful place in Baja California.

There are only six dots on this map, which is significantly less than normal, but this is because some of this post is going to be filled with descriptions of beaches that are not mapped for the fact that they are “secret beaches.”

Okay, so the first red dot, the one between Coco and Panamá, is the location of Casa Conde del Mar. This was a beautiful resort and beach front hotel. The place is surrounded by large trees that are home to the black howler monkeys. They make the perfect photo subject and entertainment. The resort also has grand pools with bars built in for your refreshment and  grand rooms, making you never want to leave. Experience rating: 10/10.

The dot below it is the location of another hotel, this one is called Condovac la Costa. Our family stayed at different hotels in our stay, letting us be able to travel back and forth to different regions of Costa Rica. Condovac is located near Playa Hermosa, a beautiful beach. At the side of Playa Hermosa that Condovac owns you may meet a man offering to take you on a boat ride. He does not have a big business for that kind of stuff but listen to me when I encourage you to TAKE IT. He is a friendly man who takes you snorkeling and lets you pick your stops, such as beautiful beaches that nobody is at. Condovac is more of a condo renting that lets you feel mightily at home, the pool is beautiful and the view matches all the beauty in the world. Experience rating: 8/10, although it was beautiful Casa Conde was my favorite because I like the more high-end places.

Slightly directly across from Condovac’s location is that of RCR White Water Rafting. This is an amazing experience with amazing rapids and a twelve-foot drop at the end. After they also offer lunch and the most amazing pineapple you will ever taste, legitimately the best I’ve ever had. The restaurant is authentic and has amazing food and the ride is amazing. You are surrounded by nature on all sides and even find yourselves graced by the presence of monkeys and other wildlife. Be prepared to get splashed and even soaked if you decide of go swimming in the water! Experience rating: 10/10.

Across from the RCR Water Rafting is my favorite spot in Costa Rica hands down. It marks the location of Baldi Hot Springs. This is the one place that words can absolutely not describe, it is beyond beautiful, beyond relaxing, and beyond all words. This place is absolutely amazing. Different pools correlate with different temperatures and boy, is it relaxing. Drifting between the different pools and secret caves is amazing. As the pools light up at night it gets even more amazing than in the day, which I did not think was even possible. The hotel itself was very accommodating and the restaurant is amazing too. Experience rating: 11/10.


Slightly southwest of the Baldi Hot Springs is a point that represents the location of Monte Verde’s Sky Walk Suspension Bridges. This serene scene is one that you will never forget. Nothing could trip you out of the natural beauty, not even a deathly fear of heights, the views are just too amazing. You will walk across a series of suspension bridges, towering high above the ground, leaving you level with some of the tallest trees. There is even a butterfly garden where instagram worthy pictures are easy to capture as long as you have a good caption to follow.  Experience rating: 9/10, although it was so beautiful, we were not adequately prepared for the long hike, if we were though, 10/10 easily.

Underneath that takes us to our last destination, Monte Verde Country Lodge. This is a place that is surrounds you with nature. It is the rainforest part of Costa Rica, beautiful, rainy, and fresh. This hotel is on nice grounds and has an amazing restaurant and breakfast bar. Experience rating: 9/10, this was my second favorite hotel compared to Casa Conde being my first and Condovac being my third.

Enjoy Costa Rica, and if your stay is short I highly recommend staying at the Baldi Hot Springs.


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