Disney World, Orlando

Disney World is one of Florida’s biggest attractions. This large entertainment center is consisted of four large theme parks. Each with at least one ride. Magic Kingdom is the one to visit for rollercoasters, Epcot is a trip around the world in the span of its property, Animal Kingdom is a large zoo with multiple special twists, and Disney Studios is the full VIP experience to the makings of some of your childhood favorite films and the favorites of your child(ren).

First off is Epcot. This is the place to immerse yourself within 11 different countries, with 11 different cultures without the culture shock or large time difference. Epcot has 11 different countries, Mexico, Norway, China,  Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, the UK, and Canada. For the kids, there is an activity called “Duffy” at each country. At the first country you stop at find the Kidcot Fun Stop with is marked with a K in a red box on your map. While walking through each country, your kids will be on the hunt for the Kidcot stations as they will receive a drawing and stamp for each country visited. Epcot also features one ride called Test Track where you can design your own car and test the design during the ride and compare your car’s results among the rest of your group. Test Track is for sure a must at this park. It’s a great experience and proves to be fun to compare and beat out those in your group.epcot-map

img_0242The Duffy activity with the stamps and drawings received at each country.

The Animal Kingdom is up next. The Animal Kingdom is so much better than a regular zoo. It features many many shows and one large rollercoaster called Expedition Everest. This is one of my favorite rides out of the whole four parks and is amazing while being ridden while dark out. The best show, in my opinion, is The Festival of the Lion King. This show includes, amazing singing, acrobats, flame artists, and dancing. Those are the two attractions I recommend when visiting the Animal Kingdom, these two are a MUST.disney-animal-kingdom-map.jpg

Magic Kingdom is the place to go for all the rides. This theme park includes 6 different themes, and amazing rides. Big Thunder Railroad, Space Mountain, and The Seven Dwarf Mine Train. These three rides are three that you should reserve fast passes for to make sure you don’t wait 110+ minutes for the ride. These fast passes should be made 2-3 days in advance. Fast passes at this park will be your best friend and DON’T FORGET YOUR MINNIE EARS AND MICKEY HATS!4596198f1ead9d6741468f9d3ff0fafa

Lastly, is the place to experience each of your favorite Disney movies in rides and during shows. Disney Studios offer rides for each of your favorite Disney movies, features the Rock n’ Rollercoaster, and offers the stomach lifting, scream filled ride, Tower of Terror. The Rock n’ Rollercoaster is an ABSOLUTE MUST for this park. Having a fast pass for this ride would be a smart choice for the line gets pretty long. Rock n’ Rollercoaster is completely in the dark with blaring music as you go up, down, sideways, and upside down, all at a crazy high speed. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HEAD BACK AT THE LAUNCH OF THE RIDE! hollywood-studios-map

Overall, Disney World is an expensive but incredibly enjoyable experience. Setting up an account to add each member of your party on with the My Disney Experience app will make your experience easier. You are able to reserve your fast passes days before will ensure you get them. Plus, any picture you take with the princesses and characters will be sent to the account once the photographer has scanned your pass. HAVE FUN AND DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA AND MINNIE/MICKEY EARS!!



While talking about Colorado this weekend, there will be mostly hiking trails and places to hike. Personally, I love to hike and Colorado is for sure one of the best places to do so.

Garden of the Gods is a great place for pictures and admiring everything around you.

garden-of-the-gods-mapThis is a map of trails and hiking places along with some of the rock formations Garden of the Gods are known for. The well-known Siamese Twin rock formation is located here and make for spectacular photos. The park also offers other ways to admire its beauty, there are opportunities to rock climb, take jeep tours, and horseback ride through the park. This park also has exhibits that talk about the park, the rocks, and the wildlife.

Pikes Peak and Red Rock Amphitheater are also amazing places to go. The trails there are amazing and the surroundings will take your breath away. Shows can be caught in Red Rock’s amphitheater and their trails can be hiked, making it an added bonus. Pikes Peak is definitely another amazing place to hike and take pictures. Take everything as a photo opportunity and enjoy the scenery.

The Rocky Mountains are another must visit for pictures and a good hike. If you’re in Colorado visit the Rockies. The Rockies are well-known and widely talked about but without visiting them yourself it’s hard to be able to fully comprehend it’s wonder.

When you go make sure to bring plenty of water and sunblock. Don’t forget to wear something athletic for comfort but cute for your pictures. I suggest cute print leggings and a solid top, but if you have solid leggings, wear a printed top. Crop tops are always cute and don’t forget your camera and a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Our next destination is one very known city in Nevada. Vegas baby. Here you will find plenty of entertainment, games, and pool time. Las Vegas is a crowded, mall packed, entertainment filled, game playing city. Each hotel is pretty high end but with each nice room comes a slightly to not so slightly expensive fee.

As you may have noticed, there are no red dots on this map. Not this time, being the city it is with the big known hotels there are no need for dots. Although, instead of talking about the big known hotels I will be talking about what’s in them, where to shop, where to walk, and what to see.

Vegas is a very special place to me, it’s like my second home. Vegas and Hawaii are the two places I have been the most in my lifetime and know the best. As a child I used to visit this city every weekend, and I do mean every weekend, that is unless we were somewhere else which was rare. As time went on and my sister and I got busier our trips cut down to every month then to every couple of months and stay like that even now. Every Thursday I had my suitcase packed with the same clothes I took every trip and my personal hygiene tools then after school on Friday we were off. It was like clock-work. When we came home that Sunday evening, we took out our clothes put them in the wash in their own separate load and packed them again when they came out clean. We did not stay in too many hotels, we had our condo, and to this day we have several condos and several timeshares at certain hotel and hotel chains.

The Hilton is one of the places we own a timeshare. This is a chain of hotels, with two main ones in Vegas. One older and another which opened in December 2009. Both are extremely hospitable but one is definitely nicer than the other. Between The Hilton Grand Vacation Club Hotel on the Strip and Elara, Elara is a nicer hotel. Elara is a sleeker, more modern, more up dressed hotel than the Hilton on the Strip. It is connected to the Miracle Mile Shops which is filled with stores and restaurants and bars. Miracle Mile includes a high end, Brazilian restaurant that serves many types of meat and fantastic tiramisu called Pampas. They also include places to shop such as Forever 21, French Connection, Guess, Pandora, and much more. The Hilton on the Strip is older but the hotel is also nice. There is a huge lobby and a room that serves a small breakfast for free in the mornings, a game room, and a place to buy food and drinks as well. On the contrary, while the rooms are nicer at Elara, there are extra on site features at the Hilton on the Strip.

Next is Caesars Palace. Most people know them for their extravagant casinos and decor but  they also have amazing restaurants including their own Caesars Buffet with over 500 dishes, 100 of them being desserts. It is a slightly hefty price, $54-$58 a person for dinner depending on what day you go.

Vegas also has many sweet places such as It’s Sugar, Serendipity, a Hershey’s Factory, a MnM’s Factory, and many various ice cream, gelato, baked goods, and candy shops.

Walking through Planet Hollywood, on the Strip, and in and out of hotels is always fun. Most hotels are super close to each other enabling you to take the skywalk, go into a hotel, out of it, and through another.

If you’re looking for some good entertainment catch a Cirque du Soleil show. It is guaranteed to please you with their theatrics, acrobatics, and music. Other good shows are the dancing water fountains in front of the Bellagio that go off every half hour to hour depending on the day. Inside Miracle Mile there is also a rain show with lights, fog, rain, and music that plays every half hour to hour depending on the day. Both of the shows from Bellagio and Miracle Mile are free to watch and you should catch them if you find yourself walking past.

Circus Circus is also a fun place to find games to play, card games, arcade games, and carnival games. There is also a place owned by Circus Circus called Adventuredome. It is a place full of rides and roller coasters that are a blast.

So there you have it. The rest of Vegas is yours to explore, the hotels, casino, and other shows. Have fun, enjoy, and check out Lake Mead for a day or two!

Los Cabos, Mexico

So, this post will be like my last, very few dots. This was a short trip to Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. No matter what people may say about places in Mexico Los Cabos is really a safe place. Most of the places we visited were tuck-away beaches and nooks that we visited frequently throughout our short trip.

Our fist red dot is near the Cabo Falso. This marks the spot of Pueblo Bonito, the resort and spa that we stayed at. This resort was massive, requiring golf cart transportation to and from most of their beautiful pools, lobby, restaurants, and beaches. It is an absolutely beautiful resort and the views are also amazing. This resort also includes  a Sky Pool at the very top of their premises. It is at the highest point of the whole resort overlooking the ocean, beaches, and resort. The rooms were very convenient and the service was very accommodating. Experience rating: 10/10. IMG_0721.jpg East view from the Sky Pool.

Next, I am combining the next two dots, the one next to Pueblo Bonito and the one that slightly overlaps Bahia Cabo San Lucas. These two are the location of Divorce Beach, the one nearest Pueblo Bonito, and Lover’s beach. These two beaches are located on one large beach but on opposite ends. The water currents are at large contrast. The waters at Divorce Beach are rough and you are not allowed to swim in them year-around while the waters at Lover’s beach are clear and calm. Make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and water to protect you from the heat and warmth of the sun. And a water-resistant bag and phone case would be smart to bring because you must board and take a boat to most beaches and landmarks. Plus it helps when you go snorkeling. Experience rating: 10/10, they make for beautiful pictures. Near Lover’s Beach is one of Los Cabos largest known landmarks. It is called the Arch, it is a natural feature mad of stone and shaped in an arch over the water.

IMG_0463.jpg The Arch

Overlapping the large black dot next to the Cabo San Lucas sign is the location of Wild Canyon Ziplining. Be prepared to walk, it is a long hike to each line, with the weight of your zip line clip, and back. We went while it was raining which made it much fun. If you do go while it rains be sure to wear clothes that you will be completely comfortable getting dirty in, because you and your clothes are going to be covered in wet rust and dirt the whole way. Experience: 10/10.

Cabo San Lucas has to be one of my absolutely favorite places that I have been to. It is filled with many activities, beautiful views, beaches, and fish.

Costa Rica, Central America

The next destination your plane ticket should have written on it is Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a beautiful place in Baja California.

There are only six dots on this map, which is significantly less than normal, but this is because some of this post is going to be filled with descriptions of beaches that are not mapped for the fact that they are “secret beaches.”

Okay, so the first red dot, the one between Coco and Panamá, is the location of Casa Conde del Mar. This was a beautiful resort and beach front hotel. The place is surrounded by large trees that are home to the black howler monkeys. They make the perfect photo subject and entertainment. The resort also has grand pools with bars built in for your refreshment and  grand rooms, making you never want to leave. Experience rating: 10/10.

The dot below it is the location of another hotel, this one is called Condovac la Costa. Our family stayed at different hotels in our stay, letting us be able to travel back and forth to different regions of Costa Rica. Condovac is located near Playa Hermosa, a beautiful beach. At the side of Playa Hermosa that Condovac owns you may meet a man offering to take you on a boat ride. He does not have a big business for that kind of stuff but listen to me when I encourage you to TAKE IT. He is a friendly man who takes you snorkeling and lets you pick your stops, such as beautiful beaches that nobody is at. Condovac is more of a condo renting that lets you feel mightily at home, the pool is beautiful and the view matches all the beauty in the world. Experience rating: 8/10, although it was beautiful Casa Conde was my favorite because I like the more high-end places.

Slightly directly across from Condovac’s location is that of RCR White Water Rafting. This is an amazing experience with amazing rapids and a twelve-foot drop at the end. After they also offer lunch and the most amazing pineapple you will ever taste, legitimately the best I’ve ever had. The restaurant is authentic and has amazing food and the ride is amazing. You are surrounded by nature on all sides and even find yourselves graced by the presence of monkeys and other wildlife. Be prepared to get splashed and even soaked if you decide of go swimming in the water! Experience rating: 10/10.

Across from the RCR Water Rafting is my favorite spot in Costa Rica hands down. It marks the location of Baldi Hot Springs. This is the one place that words can absolutely not describe, it is beyond beautiful, beyond relaxing, and beyond all words. This place is absolutely amazing. Different pools correlate with different temperatures and boy, is it relaxing. Drifting between the different pools and secret caves is amazing. As the pools light up at night it gets even more amazing than in the day, which I did not think was even possible. The hotel itself was very accommodating and the restaurant is amazing too. Experience rating: 11/10.


Slightly southwest of the Baldi Hot Springs is a point that represents the location of Monte Verde’s Sky Walk Suspension Bridges. This serene scene is one that you will never forget. Nothing could trip you out of the natural beauty, not even a deathly fear of heights, the views are just too amazing. You will walk across a series of suspension bridges, towering high above the ground, leaving you level with some of the tallest trees. There is even a butterfly garden where instagram worthy pictures are easy to capture as long as you have a good caption to follow.  Experience rating: 9/10, although it was so beautiful, we were not adequately prepared for the long hike, if we were though, 10/10 easily.

Underneath that takes us to our last destination, Monte Verde Country Lodge. This is a place that is surrounds you with nature. It is the rainforest part of Costa Rica, beautiful, rainy, and fresh. This hotel is on nice grounds and has an amazing restaurant and breakfast bar. Experience rating: 9/10, this was my second favorite hotel compared to Casa Conde being my first and Condovac being my third.

Enjoy Costa Rica, and if your stay is short I highly recommend staying at the Baldi Hot Springs.

Maui, Hawaii

This first destination will be Maui because I was recently there. It had been my fourth time out of the thirteenth times I have visited the state of Hawaii. Maui is the island with the most activities to do for tourist, all except shopping. For good shopping, visit Oahu.

Next will be a week’s worth of activities mapped out, starting at the top red dot on the island.

The top red dot marks the spot of Black Rock Beach. Black Rock Beach has a cliff about thirty to fourty feet high that is one of the best spots to go cliff jumping on the island. It’s about a quarter-mile swim from the shore to the cliff, despite what it sounds like, the swim is actually fairly easy. Following the swim is a easy task of climbing the rock and picking a destination to jump off of. Black Rock Beach is also an ideal snorkeling spot, with clear water, and many fish. The currents are not super strong, making it easy to swim out and not drift out.

The dot directly beneath it marks the location of the beach resort I last stayed at, Kaanapali Beach Club. It is a pink hotel, right off of the beach. Experience rating: 8/10, only because there are nicer pools at other locations.

Next off is Kahoma Ranch ATV Rides. Kahoma Ranch offers early morning, afternoons, and late afternoons atv rides, in both wet and dry season. The offer you bandanas to keep your breathing air clean and mask and helmets, for your safety. They even offer a waterslide ride for the late afternoon riders. During the wet season, it is muddy and slippery, in the dry season it is dusty and warm. I recommend wearing clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and may not even wear again. The views are amazing and the terrain is perfect for a genuine atv ride. Experience rating: 10/10.


The fourth red dot on the Kaanapali side of Maui is the location of the Maui Wave Riders. This shop offers surfboard rentals and lessons. The instructors are very friendly and help you learn very quickly. They help you catch great waves that you can ride all the way into the shore. They also have photographer who takes your pictures that you may later buy. Experience rating: 9.5/10, only because of the current that day.

The fifth red dot is the Old Lahaina Shopping Center. There you will find a cozy outlet for all your souvenir needs.

The sixth is the location of another great hotel, but on the other side of the island, known as the Wailea side. The Grand Wailea a resort that offers much fun and multiple activities, pools, and water slides. Experience rating: 10/10.

The dot a ways down is the location of Maui Thai Bistro, a great quality Thai Bistro. Experience rating: 7.8/10, because it is pretty pricey for the portions.

The next dot is near the middle of the map, in a National Park. It is the location of Haleakala Mountain, a place with an incredible view of the Maui sunrise. Incredible colors that are revealed can be sighted from the top of the mountain. I suggest bringing a jacket though, because although in Hawaii, it gets frigid while on an elevation like that.

Lastly, the last red dot, on the very right on the island, is in a place called Hana that consists of black sand beaches and the Seven Sacred Pools. It is a beautiful place, with various weathers. The black sand beaches are pure black and absolutely amazing. The last time I visited the Seven Sacred Pools it was raining so I did not get to go in the pools due to flooding but it was still absolutely amazing. WARNING: I suggest if you get car sick easy then you should take two Dramamine before driving up the road because there are 620 bends and curves on the road to Hana. Experience rating: 8/10, due to the drive.



Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and this is my blog. The title “A Red Map” first came along as I covered my map with red pins as I traveled and covering my map with so many red pins I have referred to it as my “red map” ever since. A Red Map is meant to be as full-coverage as the red on my own maps. Covering each continent and the majorities of countries I’ll give you advice on places to eat, places to see, and activities to do. These locations will come from either where I have been, or where I want to go. I will be giving you extensive research on each of these places, restaurants, and activities along with some personal feedback if I have visited that location for myself. Each place will be posted in their own individual blogs, with their various information and pictures. As you go along be sure to cover your map with red pins over all the places you’ve been and make it a red map. Enjoy!