Life Lesson Learned

I never realized how much there is to do while travelling or how many places there are to go. There are plenty of places to eat, things to see, and ways to travel. There are 196 countries to visit. People tend to be creatures of habit and they visit only a couple of places in their life. I want to go backpacking through Europe and South America. Then my cruise, Costa Rica, and Los Cabos trips happened and my perspective have changed. Those were new experiences and places I visited other than my annual trip back to Hawaii. Now, my next trip is planned, again, for some place other than Hawaii. It’s the Dominican Republic. I have to admit that I’m a little skeptical about how it’s going to go, but better mind, better life. I’m working through my skepticism to prepare for this trip in order to have a great trip. So now I’ve come to realize that there are many more options than just Hawaii. Many more options, 196 to be exact. Even more cities to visit, hundred of thousands of places to tour and sites to see. So now I try to keep an eye out for new adventures and that seems to open up doors to new places I never thought I would see.  This is a life lesson that I’m still learning and am excited to keep experiencing through my life.




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