Carnival Inspiration

So, I’m back from my cruise. It was four days, two were spent boarding and disembarking and the other two filled with fun. We took the Carnival Inspiration this trip to Ensenada, Mexico. You can look back at this post for more about the ship.

The first day we did not board until 3:00. We had to go through a ticket check, customs, and a check in. At check in is where we got our room keys and number. Our room was on the fifth floor near the end of the ship. Deck 7 was the main deck and from there on were the amenities floor. Below the seventh deck were the rooms, the sixth floor was the only with balconies and from there down until the fourth floor were rooms without balconies. The tenth floor was the floor with the buffet for breakfast and lunch. As required by the Coast Guard, an emergency briefing and drill must be held on day one. This happened at 5:30.

When the signal sounded on the ship, my family reported to our assigned muster station where we awaited the announcement, briefing, and demonstration of our safety message. It too quite a while but after it was over, the crew took us to the to the rafts we were to use if there was an emergency. This is when the boat started to undock and we could feel the wind and smell the salt as we started to leave.

The rest of the night was super relaxed. We got some dinner, at which I ate duck pot stickers and a miso glazed salmon as well as a grilled steak and chocolate ice cream. After we went to go check out how the ship worked. There are only three elevators, one that leads to the middle of front of the ship, one that leads to the middle of the ship, one the last leads to the middle of the back of the ship. The ships get super confusing but if you look at the map and take the correct elevator, things should run smoothly. If your destination is in the back of the ship, take the last elevator. Correlate your destination with the closet elevator near there and take that one. The ships floors aren’t exactly through and through, so make sure you take the right elevator.

Day two was our one full day at sea. During this time, I laid out by the Waterwork water park. I took this day for frozen lemonades, tanning, and ice cream. I did go down the water slides and boy, they were pretty fun. Day two was also the fancy dinner. Dressing up fancy was mandatory to go to dinner. The dinner for sure matched the dinner attendants; that night I had orange glazed duck and mushroom sauced steak and, of course, chocolate ice cream.

Our third day was the day we arrived in Ensenada, Mexico. This day we disembarked at 8 am and headed to La Bufadora.  Here we took pictures and watched as the geyser did its thing. As you walk down to the geyser, you pass about 300 shopping centers and restaurants. These shops are owned and run by locals. All are family shops with handcrafted souvenirs, hats, caps, magnets, keychains, and so much more. Prices can be lowered by bargaining and most of the stuff over there comes cheap. Nothing is too expensive and even if it is, the prices there are better than downtown. When disembarking the ship busses await to take you downtown. Here there are many tour buses that actually are cheaper than buying tours on the ship. Also, souvenirs come at a much higher price here than they would at the shops near the geyser.

We had to be back on the ship by 5:30 that evening and we got out of the port by 6. The rest of the night we relaxed in our room and ate. That night I had seafood some pasta and vanilla and chocolate ice cream. This was our last night so we caught a show. It was 80’s inspired with music and dancing that fit the theme. It was a comedy musical and highly enjoyable. The adult comedy shows were very as well. Don’t forget to catch all the activities you can, all the shows, fundraisers, and parties. Do a little of everything and don’t forget to get ice cream at every meal and snack everyday like I did. 🙂

Ensenada down!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.04.53 PM


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