My next trip is coming up soon. In my last post I talked about my newest and closest planned trip, a cruise to Mexico. In this post I’m going to be explaining how to and what to pack for trips. This will include many different places, not just for a cruise!

First of all, people always say to pack lightly but I personally cannot say that because I am a heavy packer. Packing light is not the key, sure it will help but packing essentials and what makes you feel secure is really the key. If that means to overpack, then overpack, as long as you’re overpacking on the right occasions, not to go backpacking. Always bring a nice set of clothes among your regular. This secures the option to take good pictures on at least one occasion.

While still on the topic of clothes, packing clothes that correspond with your planned activities is good. I say always to pack at least on article or outfit of each genre, as long as it correlates to the season. For example, for this trip I’m going to bring a fancy outfit or dress, comfortable summer clothes, workout/ activity clothes, swim wear, and even a jacket, just in case. That covers both land and water activities and even extreme weather change conditions. Also, packing a set of clothes and necessities is good for going anywhere. When I took my trip to Costa Rica, we did a spontaneous trip to spend one night at the Bali Hot Spring Resort and Spa. This resulted in a stay with no clothes or any necessities and ever since then I pack a spare set and a toothbrush and paste in travel size packed in my drawstring. An extra bottle of water is also good, especially if going hiking or anywhere even slightly remote.

Make sure to bring necessities as well, personal hygiene items, electronic chargers, sincare products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, and makeup (if you prefer.) Bringing a camera, go pro, or any other electronic to capture your good times is also a good idea, polaroids are cute (if you can affor the film) and make sure to get more than just the standard pose.

Don’t forget to make sure each genere is covered and dont forget to have a good time!


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