Just Cruisin’

The Carnival Cruise Lines is actually going to be my next trip. I’ve never actually been on this specific cruise or cruise line. But like any vacation I’ve planned, I’ve checked out the cruise, activities, itinerary, restaurants, ratings, rooms, prices, the whole deal. This trip is planned for next month to go to Baja, Mexico.

According to the itinerary, we spend ship off on in the evening and spend that night and the next day at sea, then on day three we arrive at our destination. There we are able to get off for about 14 hours and then must promptly head back to catch our ship. The rest of that evening we will be at sea on our way back to our home port.

For our full day at sea, there seems like plenty to do. There are plenty of places to shop, including botiques, gift shops, and even build-a-bear. Restaurants, cafes, and snack shops are abundant for a bite to eat. Waterworks, the Carnival’s water park is also pools-2included in the initial ticket package, so slip on your water wear and lather up that sunscreen. There are also kid pools, mixed pools, mini golf, a sports center, and Sky Course, which is a suspended park. So after shopping, grabbing food, and playing all day, Mega Deck Party is a great skycourse-1way to top off the night. This is a twister-waterslide-1party for guests of all ages with dancing and a DJ.

When we arrive at our destination, we will have roughly fourteen hours to spend it as we please and come loaded back with everything we bought. That evening, we will be departing and on our way back home.

Be back in the next post or two with full details!


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