California is home to me. I’ve lived here most of my life, with an exception of a few years in Nevada. I was born in Anaheim, California, and spent most of my life in Orange County area. Today, I’m going to cover things that I love to do here, sites to see, and places that I used to go to.

When I was younger, we spent a lot of time in downtown LA. Downtown LA consists of many different streets and little ally ways, all containing places to shop. In elementary, we used to go to this area to buy valentine grams for all the kids in my sister’s class and my own. Most things, at the right shops, are fairly priced and that way I always gave out the best toy grams while the kids gave out two or three pieces of chocolate. I remember I bought water toys, water games, color changing throw balls, rubix cubes, really cool jumpropes, and quite a few other things to give to my classmates. They also see things like food, fabric, clothings, beddings, and accessories in downtown LA. The street food is pretty amazing and the clothing places are cheap yet produce items that match department store quality. The people are usually pretty open to bargaining their prices if you make the right moves. Phone cases are pretty abundant here and one should have absolutely no problem finding a good place to purchase one that pleases you very much and at a price that does the same.

Obiously as Californians, we (stereotypically) love the beach. Hungtington Beach is probably the most common, but Laguna Beach, Corona del Mar, and Newport Beach are also great beaches. Some other places to go include Big Sur down the 101, which is one of my favorites, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, Big Bear, Disneyland, Hollywood, Catalina Island, Mammoth, and Carlsbad.


This is a picture of me and my younger sister quite a while ago at a flower field in Carlsbad.

Personally, I love to go shopping in California, go on road trips around the state, and go to the beach. South Coast Plaza is a popular place to shop in Socal, and we do have some good food down here too. North Cal has all the wine and cheeses though. Travelling through the state, you’ll get more than one experience, we’re two pretty different plaes that, I do believe, anyone cann enjoy. So come on over, and travel through our state.


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