Disney World, Orlando

Disney World is one of Florida’s biggest attractions. This large entertainment center is consisted of four large theme parks. Each with at least one ride. Magic Kingdom is the one to visit for rollercoasters, Epcot is a trip around the world in the span of its property, Animal Kingdom is a large zoo with multiple special twists, and Disney Studios is the full VIP experience to the makings of some of your childhood favorite films and the favorites of your child(ren).

First off is Epcot. This is the place to immerse yourself within 11 different countries, with 11 different cultures without the culture shock or large time difference. Epcot has 11 different countries, Mexico, Norway, China,  Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, the UK, and Canada. For the kids, there is an activity called “Duffy” at each country. At the first country you stop at find the Kidcot Fun Stop with is marked with a K in a red box on your map. While walking through each country, your kids will be on the hunt for the Kidcot stations as they will receive a drawing and stamp for each country visited. Epcot also features one ride called Test Track where you can design your own car and test the design during the ride and compare your car’s results among the rest of your group. Test Track is for sure a must at this park. It’s a great experience and proves to be fun to compare and beat out those in your group.epcot-map

img_0242The Duffy activity with the stamps and drawings received at each country.

The Animal Kingdom is up next. The Animal Kingdom is so much better than a regular zoo. It features many many shows and one large rollercoaster called Expedition Everest. This is one of my favorite rides out of the whole four parks and is amazing while being ridden while dark out. The best show, in my opinion, is The Festival of the Lion King. This show includes, amazing singing, acrobats, flame artists, and dancing. Those are the two attractions I recommend when visiting the Animal Kingdom, these two are a MUST.disney-animal-kingdom-map.jpg

Magic Kingdom is the place to go for all the rides. This theme park includes 6 different themes, and amazing rides. Big Thunder Railroad, Space Mountain, and The Seven Dwarf Mine Train. These three rides are three that you should reserve fast passes for to make sure you don’t wait 110+ minutes for the ride. These fast passes should be made 2-3 days in advance. Fast passes at this park will be your best friend and DON’T FORGET YOUR MINNIE EARS AND MICKEY HATS!4596198f1ead9d6741468f9d3ff0fafa

Lastly, is the place to experience each of your favorite Disney movies in rides and during shows. Disney Studios offer rides for each of your favorite Disney movies, features the Rock n’ Rollercoaster, and offers the stomach lifting, scream filled ride, Tower of Terror. The Rock n’ Rollercoaster is an ABSOLUTE MUST for this park. Having a fast pass for this ride would be a smart choice for the line gets pretty long. Rock n’ Rollercoaster is completely in the dark with blaring music as you go up, down, sideways, and upside down, all at a crazy high speed. MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HEAD BACK AT THE LAUNCH OF THE RIDE! hollywood-studios-map

Overall, Disney World is an expensive but incredibly enjoyable experience. Setting up an account to add each member of your party on with the My Disney Experience app will make your experience easier. You are able to reserve your fast passes days before will ensure you get them. Plus, any picture you take with the princesses and characters will be sent to the account once the photographer has scanned your pass. HAVE FUN AND DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA AND MINNIE/MICKEY EARS!!


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