While talking about Colorado this weekend, there will be mostly hiking trails and places to hike. Personally, I love to hike and Colorado is for sure one of the best places to do so.

Garden of the Gods is a great place for pictures and admiring everything around you.

garden-of-the-gods-mapThis is a map of trails and hiking places along with some of the rock formations Garden of the Gods are known for. The well-known Siamese Twin rock formation is located here and make for spectacular photos. The park also offers other ways to admire its beauty, there are opportunities to rock climb, take jeep tours, and horseback ride through the park. This park also has exhibits that talk about the park, the rocks, and the wildlife.

Pikes Peak and Red Rock Amphitheater are also amazing places to go. The trails there are amazing and the surroundings will take your breath away. Shows can be caught in Red Rock’s amphitheater and their trails can be hiked, making it an added bonus. Pikes Peak is definitely another amazing place to hike and take pictures. Take everything as a photo opportunity and enjoy the scenery.

The Rocky Mountains are another must visit for pictures and a good hike. If you’re in Colorado visit the Rockies. The Rockies are well-known and widely talked about but without visiting them yourself it’s hard to be able to fully comprehend it’s wonder.

When you go make sure to bring plenty of water and sunblock. Don’t forget to wear something athletic for comfort but cute for your pictures. I suggest cute print leggings and a solid top, but if you have solid leggings, wear a printed top. Crop tops are always cute and don’t forget your camera and a stylish pair of sunglasses.


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