Las Vegas, Nevada

Our next destination is one very known city in Nevada. Vegas baby. Here you will find plenty of entertainment, games, and pool time. Las Vegas is a crowded, mall packed, entertainment filled, game playing city. Each hotel is pretty high end but with each nice room comes a slightly to not so slightly expensive fee.

As you may have noticed, there are no red dots on this map. Not this time, being the city it is with the big known hotels there are no need for dots. Although, instead of talking about the big known hotels I will be talking about what’s in them, where to shop, where to walk, and what to see.

Vegas is a very special place to me, it’s like my second home. Vegas and Hawaii are the two places I have been the most in my lifetime and know the best. As a child I used to visit this city every weekend, and I do mean every weekend, that is unless we were somewhere else which was rare. As time went on and my sister and I got busier our trips cut down to every month then to every couple of months and stay like that even now. Every Thursday I had my suitcase packed with the same clothes I took every trip and my personal hygiene tools then after school on Friday we were off. It was like clock-work. When we came home that Sunday evening, we took out our clothes put them in the wash in their own separate load and packed them again when they came out clean. We did not stay in too many hotels, we had our condo, and to this day we have several condos and several timeshares at certain hotel and hotel chains.

The Hilton is one of the places we own a timeshare. This is a chain of hotels, with two main ones in Vegas. One older and another which opened in December 2009. Both are extremely hospitable but one is definitely nicer than the other. Between The Hilton Grand Vacation Club Hotel on the Strip and Elara, Elara is a nicer hotel. Elara is a sleeker, more modern, more up dressed hotel than the Hilton on the Strip. It is connected to the Miracle Mile Shops which is filled with stores and restaurants and bars. Miracle Mile includes a high end, Brazilian restaurant that serves many types of meat and fantastic tiramisu called Pampas. They also include places to shop such as Forever 21, French Connection, Guess, Pandora, and much more. The Hilton on the Strip is older but the hotel is also nice. There is a huge lobby and a room that serves a small breakfast for free in the mornings, a game room, and a place to buy food and drinks as well. On the contrary, while the rooms are nicer at Elara, there are extra on site features at the Hilton on the Strip.

Next is Caesars Palace. Most people know them for their extravagant casinos and decor but  they also have amazing restaurants including their own Caesars Buffet with over 500 dishes, 100 of them being desserts. It is a slightly hefty price, $54-$58 a person for dinner depending on what day you go.

Vegas also has many sweet places such as It’s Sugar, Serendipity, a Hershey’s Factory, a MnM’s Factory, and many various ice cream, gelato, baked goods, and candy shops.

Walking through Planet Hollywood, on the Strip, and in and out of hotels is always fun. Most hotels are super close to each other enabling you to take the skywalk, go into a hotel, out of it, and through another.

If you’re looking for some good entertainment catch a Cirque du Soleil show. It is guaranteed to please you with their theatrics, acrobatics, and music. Other good shows are the dancing water fountains in front of the Bellagio that go off every half hour to hour depending on the day. Inside Miracle Mile there is also a rain show with lights, fog, rain, and music that plays every half hour to hour depending on the day. Both of the shows from Bellagio and Miracle Mile are free to watch and you should catch them if you find yourself walking past.

Circus Circus is also a fun place to find games to play, card games, arcade games, and carnival games. There is also a place owned by Circus Circus called Adventuredome. It is a place full of rides and roller coasters that are a blast.

So there you have it. The rest of Vegas is yours to explore, the hotels, casino, and other shows. Have fun, enjoy, and check out Lake Mead for a day or two!

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