Los Cabos, Mexico

So, this post will be like my last, very few dots. This was a short trip to Los Cabos, or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. No matter what people may say about places in Mexico Los Cabos is really a safe place. Most of the places we visited were tuck-away beaches and nooks that we visited frequently throughout our short trip.

Our fist red dot is near the Cabo Falso. This marks the spot of Pueblo Bonito, the resort and spa that we stayed at. This resort was massive, requiring golf cart transportation to and from most of their beautiful pools, lobby, restaurants, and beaches. It is an absolutely beautiful resort and the views are also amazing. This resort also includes  a Sky Pool at the very top of their premises. It is at the highest point of the whole resort overlooking the ocean, beaches, and resort. The rooms were very convenient and the service was very accommodating. Experience rating: 10/10. IMG_0721.jpg East view from the Sky Pool.

Next, I am combining the next two dots, the one next to Pueblo Bonito and the one that slightly overlaps Bahia Cabo San Lucas. These two are the location of Divorce Beach, the one nearest Pueblo Bonito, and Lover’s beach. These two beaches are located on one large beach but on opposite ends. The water currents are at large contrast. The waters at Divorce Beach are rough and you are not allowed to swim in them year-around while the waters at Lover’s beach are clear and calm. Make sure to bring plenty of sunblock and water to protect you from the heat and warmth of the sun. And a water-resistant bag and phone case would be smart to bring because you must board and take a boat to most beaches and landmarks. Plus it helps when you go snorkeling. Experience rating: 10/10, they make for beautiful pictures. Near Lover’s Beach is one of Los Cabos largest known landmarks. It is called the Arch, it is a natural feature mad of stone and shaped in an arch over the water.

IMG_0463.jpg The Arch

Overlapping the large black dot next to the Cabo San Lucas sign is the location of Wild Canyon Ziplining. Be prepared to walk, it is a long hike to each line, with the weight of your zip line clip, and back. We went while it was raining which made it much fun. If you do go while it rains be sure to wear clothes that you will be completely comfortable getting dirty in, because you and your clothes are going to be covered in wet rust and dirt the whole way. Experience: 10/10.

Cabo San Lucas has to be one of my absolutely favorite places that I have been to. It is filled with many activities, beautiful views, beaches, and fish.


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